Face Care

= For Oily & Combination skins =

Studio j loves PATCHOULI Patchouli essential oil, one of the most versatile and celebrated super essential oils is a nature’s gift to mankind. The sweet, spicy and musky aroma instantly uplift moods and relaxes tensions manifesting a sense of Zen and well-being. Patchouli essential oil is also renowned for its benefits for all skin types keeping skin looking healthy, young and vibrant. Its astringent properties tighten lines and wrinkles preventing sagging skin. Another anti-aging function is its ability to promote growth by stimulating generation of new cells. Oily skin’s sebum production also benefits from being normalized and balanced.

Ma Lay Noir Patchouli & Ylang Ylang charcoal soap

Ma Lay Noir Lavender & Patchouli Charcoal Soap

Ma Lay Noir Peppermint & Patchouli Charcoal Soap

= For dry & sagged skin =

Widely known for its regenerative and moisturizing properties, ARGAN OIL is added to our Ma Lay Noir charcoal soap. Nourishing, moisturizing and gentle on skin.

Tree-derived oil, CEDARWOOD essential oil is often used to improve a dry or Flaky skin. It stimulates skin and increases circulation. Some users find that Cedarwood essential oil reduces the unpleasant inflammation and
dryness that comes with eczema.

Ma Lay Noir Lavender & May Chang Charcoal Soap(Argan oil added)

Ma Lay Noir Cedarwood & Bergamot Charcoal Soap

= For dull & age spotted skin =

Gorgeous flowery scent, Rose geranium essential oil supports the circulatory and nervous systems, and revitalizes dull skin. It has been used since Egyptian time for promoting beautiful and radiant skin.

Ma Lay Noir Lavender & Geranium Charcoal Soap