Hair Care

You may need patience!
First of all, we don’t want you to expect immediate effect of shifting to our solid SHAMPOO BAR from commercial shampoo. You may need to give our SHAMPOO BAR a week maybe up to a month to remove chemicals built up from commercial shampoo you used to use. You sure will experience uncomfortable feeling as if your hair is coated or waxed. It mostly happens to those who use commercial conditioner with silicon, or heavy styling products.

Give Studio j’ s SHAMPOO BAR some adjustment period to get rid of all these residues. You may also notice that your wet hair after shampooing is strange but you will find your hair is just healthier and stronger than before after it dries.

You will be addicted to our SHAMPOO BAR and bring it along wherever you travel.


Natural solution for healthy hair growth
One of the best selling soaps in Malaysia, this SHAMPOO BAR cleanses the scalp and hair to promote healthy hair growth. Formulated as a charcoal shampoo bar, activated carbon gives you the healthy hair by its ability to bind and attract foreign substances to its surface. A single bar of soap can effectively cleanse your scalp, unclog pores, and remove impurities! To top it off, the added JOJOBA OIL works to stimulate hair follicles, allowing hair to grow to its’s full potential.

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Big 130g shampoo bar is for average 1month everyday use.
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Ma Lay Tan Intense Hair conditioner

For someone who has been waiting for our hair conditioner, we are now proud to introduce Studio j’s fabulous new product for you! Deeply nourishing conditioner for all hair types with a plant- based formula of Rosemary oil, Horsetail oil, and Nettle extracts. Experience this gift from nature that disentangles, repairs, and reduces hair loss without any added chemicals such as Silicon and Paraben ! You will be refreshed with Peppermint oil.
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