About Our Soap

Studio j’s soap was derived from my previous involvement in a sustainable carbon project. Palm trees are abundant in both Peninsular and East Malaysia, and palm oil production is one of the biggest industries in Malaysia’s economy. Through a carbon neutral process known as Biomass, palm kernel shells (residues) are carbonized and further activated to produce top quality, environmentally friendly activated carbon. Our soap with the activated carbon restores natural beauty of your skin by absorbing impurity with its property.

It is said that toxins are immediately absorbed into your tissues upon exposure of your skin to chemicals widely used in synthetic soaps. These chemicals also contribute to environmental problems such as contamination of river and ocean water.

By picking up Studio j’s soap, you too, can make a difference.

100% Organic, Natural

Our soap is Carefully hand made by artisan in Malaysia from 100% natural ingredients with finely meshed activated carbon with NO chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances. All our products have been certified by Malaysian health ministry.

Environmental friendly activated carbon

Activated carbon’s ability to bind and attract foreign substances to its surface effectively cleanses your skin, unclogs pores, removes impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, achieving a feeling of cleanliness without dryness. Activated carbon’s great absorption property is also known for its use as a natural body deodorizer.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Studio j applies environmentally friendly materials such as vegetable inks for printing boxes and paper for wrapping. By shifting to our solid SHAMPOO BAR, you can reduce damping plastic bottles which is used for commercial shampoo.

Best quality pure essential oil

Our soap is scented with carefully selected best quality pure essential oil.
Pure, high quality essential oils can nourish and balance your skin. It is important to know which essential oils will work best for your unique skin type, as different oils cater to different skin issues. Pick up Studio j soap not only by your favor to the scent also by knowing your skin type such as oily skin, combination skin , wrinkles, or dry patches (or all of the above !)

Cold process method

Our natural handmade soap is produced through “a traditional handmade cold process method” that retains natural glycerin to moisturize your skin. Our soap is formulated as a mild cleanser that absorbs excess oils, cleanses and moisturizes the skin, all in a single step. It will leave your skin feeling supple, delicate and smooth.